GPS technology allows for faster job cycles, reduced rework, and lower operating costs.

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A solid foundation

Laying the Foundation for Your Job-site

On your next construction project or build, rely on the precision and experience of JRS Excavating to build quality concrete pads and slabs. With more than 20 years of experience, our team is capable of delivering exceptional quality on every job, from residential to commercial projects.

Quality slab and pad construction

- Garages

- Pole buildings

- Machine sheds

- Industrial/commercial buildings

- Warehouse floors

- Precise GPS technology

- Exceptional quality

- 20 years of experience

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State-of-the-art GPS Technology

We use a GPS rover system to allow our foremen to actively track their position and grade at the job-site. Also, our bulldozers use GPS machine control systems for more accurate work.

Setting the proper foundation for your next construction project.

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Our quality extends beyond slabs and pads. You can rely on us for precise grading and excavating work, as well as utility installation and pond construction.