GPS technology allows for faster job cycles, reduced rework, and lower operating costs.

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Accuracy and precision

A More Efficient and Precise Method

With the use of our Top Con GPS technology, you get a better result for grading and excavating. Our technology allows us to take real-time control of staking. Our bulldozers are also guided by GPS technology to ensure proper excavating and maintain proper grades during the job.

Benefits of GPS technology

- Real team control

- Accurate grading

- Decreased operating costs

- Precision staking

- Safer and more productive

- Faster work

- Minimized regrading

- Greater flexibility

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Unique techniques

We use a GPS rover system to allow our foremen to actively track their position and grade at the job site. Also, our bulldozers use GPS machine control systems for more accurate work.

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Our GPS technology aids us in everything we do, from grading and excavating to concrete pads and slabs to utility installation and pond construction.